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Annual report

Explanatory notes on the annual report

Interactive annual report on the Belgian biocide market

Note: The report does not contain information on temporary authorisations and registrations issued in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic. Temporary authorisations and registrations are no longer applicable since spring 2022. 


Download Results of the Public Consultation on the Federal Reduction Plan for Biocides

Analysis of the remarks on the draft of the reduction plan for biocides

Download Report on the Toxicovigilance of biocidal Products 2021 (only NL or FR)

Study by the Poison Centre on biocidal product cases - 2021


Information sheets



Generic guide to preventing the spread of COVID-19 at work

This guide was developed by the social partners of the High Council for Prevention and Protection at Work, the Policy Unit of the Minister for Labour and experts of the FPS Employment to help companies rebuild their economic activities step by step.


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