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List of authorised biocidal products

As the name suggests, the list of authorised biocidal products allows you to check which biocidal products are authorised on the Belgian market. The search function is available in two modes: ‘simple search’ and ‘advanced search’. 

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    What data?

    The list of authorised biocidal products shows the following information in the search results: 

    • the registration- or authorisation number
    • the product name
    • the product type (1 to 22) 
    • the user category
    • the circuit (free/closed)
    • the active substances (name or CAS number)
    • a link to the certificate of registration or authorisation
    • if applicable, a link to the summary of product characteristics under the authorisation number
    • the expiry date of the authorisation. Note: the automatic extensions do not give rise to a complete update of the certificates of authorisation. This is why the expiry date on the list and the expiry date in the online certificate of authorisation or registration are not always identical. For the actual expiry date you have to refer to the date mentioned on the list.
    • where applicable, phasing out information with use date and sell date. This information is only available when a product is given a negative evaluation and the authorisation holder is allowed to liquidate the existing stocks OR when changes with an impact on the product labelling occur.

    Pursuant to Article 11, §2 of the Royal Decree of 4 April 2019, the registration, authorisation or notification expires on the date that the (last) active substance is approved. If registration, authorisation or notification holders wish to keep their product available on the Belgian market, they must submit a European application and pay the required fee by this approval date.

    This is why, on the date of approval of the (last) active substance, products approved in Belgium disappear from the list of approved products and reappear on it after the European application fee has been paid.


    Simple search

    In the ‘simple search’ mode you can search by

    • product name
    • registration- or authorisation number
    • product type (1 to 22) 

    Advanced search

    In the ‘advanced search’, you can refine your search with the criteria

    • circuit (free/closed)
    • active substance (name or CAS number)
    • hazard statement
    • target organism
    • manufacturer’s company name
    • formulation type (liquid, powder …) 
    • user category
    • phasing out

    In addition, you can 

    • display extra columns or hide columns;
    • export the search results to an Excel file by clicking on the Excel icon;

    The list of authorised biocidal products in .PDF-format is no longer updated. For a complete and current list of authorised biocidal products, use a search without specifying any criteria, and export the results to Excel.

    Temporary authorisations

    Pursuant to Article 21 of the Royal Decree of 4 April 2019 and/or Article 55 of Regulation (EU) No 528/2012, certain products may be temporarily authorised under strict conditions. These products are not included in the list of authorised biocidal products. Instead, these temporary authorisations can be consulted here.

    Fumigation products

    The table below contains the list of biocide fumigants covered by the fumigation rules (see Royal Decree of 10 May 2023), made on 6 June 2024.


    Autorisation number (validity)

    Active Substance


    BE2017-0033 (25/05/2027)

    hydrogen cyanide


    BE2010-0002 (30/07/2024)

    sulfuryl difluoride

    Rentokil N2 Controlled atmosphere BE2013-0022 (13/12/2033) nitrogen

    This list is updated periodically. For recent information on a particular product, please consult the list of authorised biocides (search engine).

    Fumigants within the meaning of the Royal Decree of 10 May 2023 are either plant protection products or biocides. Consult fytoweb.be for more information on fumigation plant protection products, including soil fumigants.

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