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Biocidal products

Biocidal products are pesticides used to deter, render harmless or destroy unwanted organisms. Along with plant protection products, biocidal products fall under the heading of pesticides.

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    Biocidal product or not

    Biocidal product or not?

    Is it a biocidal product and thus subject to the strict rules set out in the Biocidal Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 528/2012), or not? Sometimes, the European definition of a biocide can provide the answer. In other cases, an assessment must be made based on official guidelines, for example for borderline products and articles treated with biocidal products.


    Biocidal product or not
    Product types and active substances

    Product types and active substances

    Depending on their biocidal function, biocidal products are divided into four main groups: disinfection, preservation, pest control and other uses. Each group can be further refined based on the specific purpose of the product.

    Product types and active substances
    Free-circuit or closed-circuit biocidal products

    Free-circuit or closed-circuit biocidal products

    Biocidal products that pose a high risk to health are classified as closed-circuit products. They may be poisonous, carcinogenic or toxic to reproduction. Consequently, these biocidal products are mostly reserved for professional users.

    Free-circuit biocidal products pose fewer risks. Users do not need to wear personal protective equipment when using these products.

    Free-circuit or closed-circuit biocidal products

    List of authorised biocidal products

    Only biocidal products authorised by the federal government may be made available on the Belgian market. You can find these products on the list of authorised biocidal products. This list also indicates whether or not the biocidal product is a closed-circuit product and for whom it is intended.

    Are you unsure whether a biocidal product is a closed-circuit product or whether it is authorised in Belgium?

    Search the list of authorised biocidal products

    Biocide Forum

    What is it and is it useful to you? 

    The Forum is an annual event organised by the Biocides department of the FPS Public Health, bringing together up to 140 participants. The event is also known as the CAB Forum, which refers to the Advisory Committee on Biocidal products. 

    The forum brings together a wide range of stakeholders: companies that make available and use biocidal products on the Belgian market, federations and the relevant authorities…

    The aim of the day is to provide a forum for exchange and discussion during bilateral sessions and presentations, as well as an opportunity for networking.  

    The next edition is scheduled for 11 October 2024. For more information, please consult the news

    Who are the participants?  

    Companies wishing to make biocidal products available on the Belgian market or already holding an authorisation, sector representatives and our various partners.  

    Programme for the day

    • Morning - Bilateral sessions: our experts will be on hand to answer any questions submitted at the time of registration. These bilateral sessions are reserved for people who have submitted questions in advance and cover a variety of subjects such as regulations, procedures and guidelines, including scientific guidelines. These sessions do not include questions related to pending authorisation dossiers. For queries on a pending dossier, contact your dossier manager. 
    • Afternoon - Presentations: experts from the Biocides department and external speakers present various topics related to authorisation procedures, the use of products, health and environmental issues… 


    The event is held in the auditorium on the ground floor of the Galilée building of the FPS Public Health.

    Multimodal access map  

    Information for visitors 


    The event is free of charge. Participants must register beforehand to guarantee their participation. Registrations will not be accepted on the day. 


    If you wish to stay informed or be invited, please email info.biocides@health.fgov.be or contact the biocides helpdesk.


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