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Risks and hazards

Biocidal products contain substances that have been selected to control a particular organism. These substances may also directly or indirectly pose a risk to other organisms, such as humans, or have an impact on the environment.

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    Read the label

    To use biocidal products safely, strictly follow the instructions for use and the safety precautions. The risks associated with a biocidal product must be clearly stated on the label via:

    • Hazard pictograms
    • Hazard (H) statements
    • Precautionary (P) statements
    • Signal words (‘danger’ or ‘warning’)

    Closed circuit

    Some biocidal products pose a high risk to health. They may be, for example, highly toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic to reproduction or corrosive. Such products may therefore only be used by registered professional users and are classified as closed-circuit biocidal products.

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