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Notification to the Poison Centre

The Poison Centre must be notified of every biocidal product to be made available on the market and used in Belgium. The notification must be submitted no later than 48 hours before the product is made available on the market.

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    For which products do I need to submit a notification?

    The Poison Centre must be provided with sufficient information on all ’hazardous mixtures’ made available on the market and used in Belgium. This is necessary so that users can be assisted promptly and properly in case of accidents. Biocidal products also fall under this regulation, according to the Royal Decree of 21 April 2016This includes products intended for the general public as well as those for professional use.

    In principle, unclassified mixtures do not need to be notified to the Poison Centre, although the government encourages companies to do this.

    How do I submit a notification for a biocidal product?

    You must provide the Poison Centre with all the necessary information at least 48 hours before making a biocidal product available on the Belgian market. A complete declaration consists of:

    • An electronic declaration formyou may download a guide to help you fill in the declaration form properly.
    • One or more PDF documents for each biocidal product declared by you, i.e.:
    • The safety data sheet (SDS) prepared according to legislation (see Art. 31 and Annex II to the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorisation of Chemicals) Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006))
    • The chemical composition of the mixture, in the form of a complete list of the constituents and their concentrations
    • A photo of the label of the biocidal product to help the Poison Centre identify the biocidal product together with the person calling to report an incident
    • A proof of payment of the fee paid, without which the notification to the Poison Centre is not legally admissible

    You are advised to send the various documents to the Poison Centre via an email addressed to depot@poisoncentre.beThe maximum size of an email with attachments is 5 Mb. If necessary, you may send the declaration split up into several emails.

    Sending the declaration by post is also possible. In that case, you must store all the documents on a USB stick and send it to the following address:

    Poison Centre
    c/o Military Hospital Queen Astrid
    Bruynstraat 1
    1120 Brussels

    UFI identification number

    The UFI (unique formula identifier) identification number is a new number required to be placed on the label of hazardous mixtures since 1 January 2021 for new mixtures, and from 2025 onwards, on all hazardous mixtures on the market. This is a unique number per mixture/manufacturer and can be generated via the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) website.

    This number is useful for reporting hazardous mixtures to the Poison Centre. If you want to place the UFI number on the label of mixtures that were on the market prior to 2021, you may already start doing so. Inform the Poison Centre of this by completing the declaration form with the following information:

    • Party responsible for making the product available on the market
    • Product name
    • UFI code (only one UFI per row of the Excel table)

    A UFI number can be added free of charge.

    How much do I have to pay?

    You pay a one-off fee for each biocidal product notified to the Poison Centre. The payment must be made before the actual notification, according to Art. 9 of the Royal Decree of 13 November 2011.

    The payment may be made via bank transfer without a structured payment reference to account number BE26 6792 0042 4329 of the Federal Public Service for Public Health, Food Chain Safety and the Environment (Bank van De Post - Brussels). Besides the company details, the following must also be mentioned:

    • ART. 9
    • Month and year of notification
    • Name of the company responsible for the product made available on the market
    • Name of the product(s) concerned

    For payments made outside Belgium, you must use the specific banking codes IBAN (BE26 6792 0042 4329) and BIC (PCHQBEBB).

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