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Notification obligation

As a seller of closed-circuit biocidal products, you must inform your customers to the maximum extent about the potential risks and help them to protect themselves.

Inform and protect

If you sell closed-circuit biocidal products, you must take into account the following obligations in order to protect your customers:

  • You must be aware of all the obligations outlined in the biocidal product’s Certificate of Authorisation.
  • You must inform each customer, at the time of sale, of the measures to be taken for using the biocidal product (such as user registration, wearing of personal protective equipment, compliance with the rules on transport and storage of the biocidal product, possibly following a training course, etc.). You have the possibility to verify whether your client is registered in the closed circuit application. To do this, you need to click on the “account”-section in the left side menu and afterwards on “List of enterprises in biocide”. A screen will appear which allows you to look up clients based on the company name and the BCE-number.
  • You must state the following on the sales invoice and receipt: ‘This product is classified as a closed-circuit biocidal product.’
  • You must provide all the personal protective equipment (PPE) required by users for using the chosen biocidal product. The PPE should be kept available in the vicinity of the biocidal product.


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