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Making biocidal products available on the market

Those wanting to make a biocidal product available on the market in Belgium must comply with the regulations. Importing, renting out, giving away free of charge and other activities also fall under the term ‘make available on the market’.

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    What does ‘making available on the market’ imply for a biocidal product?

    The term ‘making available on the market’ refers to the supply of a biocidal product (or of an article treated with a biocidal product) for distribution or use in the course of a commercial activity, either in return for payment or free of charge.

    The term ‘making available on the market’ also includes the following:

    • Introduction, import or possession of biocidal products with the intention of subsequently selling them or making them available to third parties
    • Offering biocidal products for sale
    • Effective sale of biocidal products
    • Offering biocidal products for rent
    • Effective rental of biocidal products
    • Giving away biocidal products free of charge or in return for payment

    What is a registration or authorisation holder?

    A registration or authorisation holder is a natural or legal person who is:

    • Established within the territory of the European Union
    • Responsible for making a biocidal product available on the market in Belgium or in the European Union
    • Specifically mentioned in the Certificate of Registration or Certificate of Authorisation
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