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A new Royal Decree on fumigation and degassing

On 1 July 2023, a new Royal Decree of 10 May 2023 regulating fumigation and degassing will come into force. The FPS Public Health and the FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue have worked together on a new updated text. 

Fumigation is used to destroy harmful organisms (insects, rats,... ) by exposing them to chemical vapours. Fumigation is applied  for example to goods containers and consists of three phases: introduction of the fumigant, ventilation and release of the fumigated area.  

The previous decree dates from 14 January 1992 and was therefore in urgent need of revision, especially as regards the list of active substances in fumigation agents. The new decree no longer contains a list of active substances for fumigants. To find out whether a product is covered by the fumigation rules, you can consult the list of authorised products and the authorisation act; the authorisation act must mention use as a fumigant among the authorised uses, or state that it is a fumigant.

One of the novelties in the new decree is the introduction of a fumigation plan based on a risk analysis.  In addition, the decree now also regulates the degassing of containers coming from abroad. This limits the accidental release of dangerous gases. 

For the list of biocidal fumigants: see the list of authorised products.

For more information on fumigants in plant protection: see fytoweb.be.


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