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Free-circuit or closed-circuit biocidal products

Whether it is a free-circuit or closed-circuit biocidal product depends on the level of risk for the user.

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    Biocidal products that pose a high risk to health are classified as closed-circuit products. They may be poisonous, carcinogenic or toxic to reproduction. These biocidal products are mainly reserved to professional users. Persons using closed-circuit biocidal products must wear personal protective equipment (such as gloves or a mask).

    Free-circuit biocidal products pose fewer risks and do not necessitate the wearing of personal protective equipment.


    In exceptional cases, the obligations imposed on users and/or sellers may be waived. In such cases, the general public may be allowed to use certain closed-circuit biocidal products. Refer to paragraph 8 of the product’s Certificate of Authorisation to check whether an exception applies to the product.

    Authorised or not?

    You can consult the list of authorised biocidal products to check whether a biocidal product is legally on the market. Products that are not on the list are not authorised for sale in Belgium. Via this list, you can also find out if a product belongs to the free-circuit or closed-circuit, and whether there are any exceptions to the closed-circuit rules. Specific rules apply to borderline products, i.e. products that are on the borderline between a biocidal product and another product.

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